Master Fragrance List | Uniquely

Master Fragrance List

Below are all the scents offered by Uniquely. Use this list to choose your scents for your wholesale order. 

*Due to the handmade nature of these products, we can not guarantee colors. For example, the color, orange, may be lighter or darker than previous batches.

African Violet- clean, very delicate floral fragrance mixed with the bitter, sweet and woody fragrance of juniper berries.
Almond Coconuttropical coconuts and roasted almonds that provide a creamy and nutty match made in heaven. 
Atlantisearthy scent with tropical coconuts, passion fruit, black raspberries, and bananas.
Cherry Almond- Roasted almonds and wild cherries provide a fruity and nutty scent that is a match made in heaven.
Cool Rain- crisp, clean scent. Opens with fresh bergamot and citrus and is followed by floral and herbal notes on a woody base.
Dead Sea- dead sea mud and dead sea sea salt to produce and earthy scent with the strong floral scent of amber. 
Deep Woods- clean woodsy scent. Scented with undertones of sandalwood and patchouli.
Eucalyptus Dreams- brightly scented with eucalyptus and aloe.
Far Out- strong, deep, and elegant scent. Made with White Tea Leaves, Lemongrass, Sage, tea tree oil and sea salt.
Festival- sweet and fruity. Scented with pomegranates, cherries, and other fruity fragrances. 
Fresh- strong clean, crisp scent. Made with Aloe and Activated Charcoal.
Gentle Breeze- reminds you of clean linen. Fresh, Crisp, and Airy.
Gobi Gold- a soft milky lather and a complex blend of sweet oranges, plumeria, patchouli, amber, vanilla, and many other wonderful fragrances
Grapefruit Tea Tree- blend of tea tree and grapefruit and essential oils.
Green Tea Love- fragrance of green tea with subtle notes of citrus
Incredible Hulk- strongly scented with limes, sweet oranges, mint, and basil. The four notes hit your senses all at once, leaving a refreshing scent that packs a punch!
Jamaican Me Crazy- papaya, apples, berries, grapefruit oranges and coconuts. This blend and it beautiful colors will make you feel like your enjoying the sunset while enjoying the wonderful Caribbean breeze.
Just Peachy- fragrance of peaches and white tea leaves with subtle notes of citrus. 
Oatmeal Milk and Honey- soft delicate fragrance of nutty oats and sweet honey.
Raspberry Vanilla-  luscious scented made with black raspberries fragrance and vanilla beans.
Sandalwood Rose- sweet smelling sandalwood and mixes it with the bright scent of roses.
Smell the Roses- scented with floral roses, sweet shea butter, and vanilla.
Sweet Orange Bliss- sweet oranges, aloe vera, juniper berries and sea salt.
Tropical Smoothie- perfect mix of banana, kiwi, and strawberry fragrances.
Unscented- everything you love about our products without the fragrance and exfoliants. Perfect for those who have extremely sensitive skin.
Wakame- soap with a fresh, clean scent. It has a mild undertone of sage and peppermint.
Wild Passion- fruity soap, scented with berries and cherry blossoms.